PRIMROSE - Potsdam Giant Mixed 100 Seeds - Primula Grandiflora FLOWER F8J6


Description --> description: 100% high quality sowing Season: Perennial Height: 10 cm (3 inches) Blooming season: early spring to early summer Bloom Color: Mixed Environment: local shadows Bacteria temperature: 15-18C (60-65F) Plant spacing: 20-30 cm (7-10 inches) Primrose seeds are sown indoors in late autumn or early winter.
Use a starter tray and legume starter mixture.
Press the primrose seeds into the starter mixture, but do not cover the flower seeds.
Light is good for germination.
Once the primrose seedlings have a second or third leaf, they can be transplanted into a protected outdoor seedbed or a single pot.
English primroses are planted in late winter or early spring.
When planting primroses in a permanent location, use large amounts of organic material to improve the garden soil and use slow-release fertilizers.
Packaging: 100pcs

PRIMROSE     -     Potsdam     Giant     Mixed     Seeds     -     Primula     Grandiflora     FLOWER     F8J6     

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