Beaded Presser Foot Clear Open Toe Pearl & Sequin Foot Machine Quality Sewi N3K3

Model :

Description --> Description: 100% Brand new quality Material: Plastic Size: 3.
2 x 2cm / 2.
5 x 1.
8cm Feature: This beaded presser foot-a sewing machine presser foot, specifically designed for beading purposes, makes dressing beads easy.
Transparent sewing accessories-The presser foot is transparent and can be easily placed.
You will be able to see the tracking guide for the design pattern where the beads need to be placed.
Multiple groove sizes-Each groove size matches the size of the beads you are processing.
It has a groove in the middle for easy beading.
Use a presser foot size that corresponds to the size of the bead.
Accurate and easy engraving-the ball becomes easy and convenient when using the correct presser foot.
Using this presser foot will help complete the beading process quickly and easily.
No wrong calculations, no unexpected stings! Universal presser foot-This presser foot can be connected to any sewing machine brand that allows zigzag function.
Don't forget to adjust the stitch size according to the size of the beads.
High quality and durability-it's made of high quality plastic and won't break easily.
Fast, safe and easy to use, even for beginners! Use range-perfect for dress beading and costume decoration! It can easily place the string of beads as a decoration on any dress or clothing fabric.
This is a great beading tool for business and home sewers.
This is also great for DIY sewing lovers.
With this beadwork, beads can be easily sewn to fabric using any sewing machine.
Presser foot! How to use: Determine the size of the bead Choosing the right foot groove size Loosen the screw of the presser foot holder Attach the selected trim foot Tighten the screws Start beading Package includes: 1pcs beaded presser foot.
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Beaded     Presser     Foot     Clear     Open     Toe     Pearl     &     Sequin     Foot     Machine     Quality     Sewi     N3K3     

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